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Last Updated: Oct. 25, 2003

Lists of allegedly haunted places in Ozaukee and Washington counties can be found all over the Internet.

A perusal of most sites reveals, however, that legends are generally passed from site to site with little actual investigation or verification.

Spooky locales most often mentioned include:

Concordia University, Mequon

The reputed history is that "Sister Sixtoes" haunts the place, which belonged to an order of Catholic nuns before being sold to Concordia University, a Lutheran school. She allegedly haunts the chapel and other buildings. There reportedly have been sightings of a phantom figure walking down the stairs near the chapel late at night, objects in their rooms being moved and electrical items, such as lights, radios, TVs, turning on and off by themselves.

But maintenance supervisor Stephen Hibbard said neither he nor his staff have ever witnessed any such occurrences.

Founders Park, Cedarburg

Located near Cedarburg High School, Founders Park is a memorial to the city's founding families. As one Web site said: "There is a very strong negative feeling there, as well as many cold spots throughout the park that will make the hair on your neck stand at length's end on any given warm sunny day. You also don't feel 'alone' when you are there," and two crows are always present in the park.

An investigation by "paranormal investigator" Chad Lewis found "no unusual feelings," according to his Web site. "The park is heavily wooded and shaded, so cold spots are not unexpected. No crows were observed."

The Mary Buth house and cemetery, Germantown

According to one Web site: "A woman dressed in gothic, translucent, white clothing has been seen standing near the house. Crying sounds coming from the upstairs bedroom have been heard."

One ghost-interested Internet message board even labels the place as "dangerous."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Mike Nichols investigated the legend of Mary Buth after police arrested some youths in the cemetery there two years ago. They were carrying knives for "self-protection," according to police.

Nichols interviewed some who knew Mary Buth as "a nice old lady." You can read his research on the Mary Buth legend at www.jsonline.com/news/Metro/oct00/nichcol06100500a.asp

University of Wisconsin-Washington County, West Bend

According to Internet sources, campus custodians have seen and heard doors slam, things fall without reason, lights go off and on, desks sliding across floors and slamming into walls.

Ron Fischer, the campus' lead custodian, said he has never seen or heard stories about those kinds of things.

But, he admitted: "It get pretty spooky around here on a windy night."

Some sites that contain lists of Wisconsin hauntings:






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