Sheriff closes out 'creature' investigation

Clark County Press, Neillsville - April 12, 2000

In a press release last Thursday, Clark County Sheriff Dale Olson stated that he does not feel that any further investigation was needed into the reported sighting of a "Bigfoot"-like creature north of Granton on March 28.

"No further sightings have been reported."  Olson stated.  "From the information gathered, it does not appear this creature is a threat to anyone."

According to Olson's press release, James Hughs was traveling east on Cty. Hwy. H just west of the intersection of Cty. Hwy. K near the Panther Creek Bridge at about 5:15 a.m. when he observed what he described to be a large creature, approximately eight feet tall and covered with grayish-colored hair, step off the roadway and go into a ditch.  He estimated this creature to weigh in excess of 500 pounds and walking on two legs.  Hughs also told investigating officers that it was carrying something in its arms, possibly the carcass of a goat.

A sheriff's deputy later went to the site with Hughs; however no physical evidence, in the form of tracks or otherwise, was able to be obtained, Olson stated.

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