Pulsing lights reported
UFOs or planets guessed as source

By Carol Patterson
Menomonie News Bureau
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram 

MENOMONIE - Depending on whom you talk to, Dunn County either was subjected to a strange configuration of lights in the sky or it was visited by UFOs this morning.

A rural Menomonie couple reported seeing two UFOs at about 4:04 a.m.

James J. Emerson, 35, E3818 650th Ave. called 911 to report the first of these objects.

"I was getting up with the wife as she was getting ready for work, and I was sitting there looking out the window.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing," the 35-year-old construction worker said.

Emerson and his wife, Renee, went out in their yard and watched the object with a deputy from the Dunn County Sheriff's Department.

"It was round.  It was going in circles, back and forth.  It was changing colors in the air, from red to blue to yellow," Emerson said.  "It was going back and forth, side to side.  Then it would shoot up, straight in the air, about a million miles an hour, then come back down and sit there and go side to side."

About a half-hour later, Emerson called and reported a second object in the sky, this time in a triangular shape.

"This one pulsated yellow.  It was right over the town (of Menomonie).  It got really bright yellow, and then it would die down and get dim, and you could see the shape of a triangle," Emerson said.

"I told the cops when I called them, I said, "I haven't been drinking.  I'm not nuts.  I'm not hallucinating....'"

According to Sheriff's Department reports, the deputy on duty, Rod Dicus, reported seeing green, red and white lights in the sky south of Dunn County.

Dicus said this morning that after contemplating the situation and getting input from the Pepin County Sheriff's Department, he believes it may have been a reflection from planets low in the sky this time of year.

The Pepin County Sheriff's Department reported it was alerted by Dunn County of the colored lights shining down from the sky.

A Pepin County deputy reported early this morning he believed the lights were reflections from the planet Venus.

Emerson disputed that idea.

"I guarantee you it wasn't.  I don't see how a planet can change colors and turn red and yellow and blue," Emerson said.

In the 1980s Elmwood had a number of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects and strange lights in the sky.

The sightings spun off an annual village festival called UFO Days.

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