Area experts tell stories of paranormal encounters
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram - May 5, 2003
Leader-Telegram Staff
Eric Rasmussen hasn’t had a paranormal close encounter of any kind, but he’s still interested in hearing about it.

That interest — particularly in paranormal events in the Eau Claire area — brought Rasmussen to the “Unexplained” conference Saturday at the downtown Holiday Inn and Convention Center.

“The subjects are fascinating,” said Rasmussen, a lifelong Eau Claire resident. “Chad Lewis is especially interesting, mostly because a lot of what he talks about happens locally.”

Lewis, who helped organize the event, is a research specialist with the Mutual UFO Network and a member of the American Ghost Society. He offered a slide presentation giving viewers a glimpse at ghost cases and photos.

The event drew more than 100 people and featured three other speakers who discussed consciousness and other paranormal activity.

Tom Franklin, a psychology professor at UW-Stout, talked about how consciousness affects everyone.

“Life isn’t a snapshot — it’s a continuous change,” Franklin told the crowd. “Using consciousness to find consciousness is like using a flashlight in a dark room to find the flashlight. It’s very challenging, if not impossible.”

Franklin guided the crowd through three “experiences” designed to widen the group’s consciousness. The exercises can be used as a tool to clear their minds and relieve stress, he said.

“We are not bound by matter, state or time,” Franklin said. “You can go as far as your mind will let you.”

Paranormal researcher Richard Hendricks discussed urban legends, creatures and other paranormal activity in Wisconsin. No one can ever prove or disprove eyewitness accounts, he said.

“I can’t convince you the reality of anything,” Hendricks said. “The most interesting aspect of paranormal events is people’s reaction to them.”

Rasmussen, who said he has some knowledge of paranormal events, was not surprised by any of the encounters discussed at the conference.

He said he is not sure whether he believes the presenters’ stories but he remains interested in paranormal activity. “I’ve never seen anything personally,” Rasmussen said. “The only stuff I’ve heard of happened to friends, or friends of friends.”

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