Chad and Terry's Favorite haunted locations in Minnesota 

10/23/08 - Explore Minnesota

Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk

Chad Lewis- Paranormal Investigator with a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology. Organizer and speaker for The Unexplained conferences. Host of The Unexplained radio and television programs. Terry Fisk- Paranormal Investigator. Studied Philosophy and Religion at the University of Wisconsin. Authority on Death and the Afterlife. Co-host of the Unexplained radio talk show. Short excerpts from the book "The Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations" appear for haunted locations. For more information www.unexplainedresearch.com.


Old Brewery Spook Light - Le Sueur

Several years ago an old hermit was living in a cave that was part of the ruins of an old brewery south of Le Sueur. The hermit died in the cave, and his body was never found. His ghost will emerge from the cave carrying a red lantern, and he will walk up and down the Omaha railroad tracks swinging his lantern. If you approach him, he will vanish into thin air. Note: The remains of the cellar are on private property, and we do not advocate trespassing. Also, the railroad tracks are dangerous.


Palmer House Hotel Sauk Centre - Sauk Centre, MN

On the corner of Sinclair Lewis Avenue and the original Main Street rests the historic Palmer House. Ghost Lore: A young boy died while staying at the hotel and he can be seen and heard bouncing his ball down the hallways. A man haunts many of the rooms of the hotel and is believed to throw glasses in the bar. Mysterious knocks have been heard from several of the rooms in the hotel. The hotel is haunted by Sinclair Lewis. There are bodies and bones buried beneath the hotel in the basement. Several guests have reported that although everything in the hotel was above their expectations, someone had let their kid run through the hallway all night long. The owner was very hesitant to tell them that on those nights, no children were staying in the hotel. Bartenders also told us that glasses that are stored on hanging hooks under the bar have come flying off the hooks, landing, and breaking clear across the room. Room 11 is often the site of many reports. It is said to be forever cold, as the room needs to be heated while other rooms are using air conditioner.


Wabasha Street Caves - St. Paul, MN

Gangsters, murder, fine dining, disco dancing, and glass are all small parts of the Wabasha Street Cave’s sorted past. A favorite hang out spot for some of St. Paul’s most notorious gangsters, the caves still hold several unexplained mysteries. The ghosts of gangsters killed in the caves still haunt their old speakeasy. Many staff and customers report hearing the sound of music playing while in the restrooms. No source of the music can be found. Many employees report seeing strange globes of light floating throughout the bar area of the caves.


Dead Man’s Trail - Thief River Falls, MN

The most elaborate legend revolves around a young Indian maiden whose baby boy was accidentally swept away in the river and his body tumbled over the waterfall to the rocks below. The young maiden said that the river had stolen her tribe’s future chief. For this great loss, she cursed the river as Thief River. Those who approach the river can still see and hear the young maiden weeping for her lost child. Several visitors to the trail report seeing the ghost of this young maiden who seems to be searching for her child.


Old Jail - Taylors Falls, MN

A rare find in the US, this B&B allows you to spend the night in an authentic old jailhouse. Complete with the original iron door that many “visitors” peered out, the jail now comes with all the modern conveniences that make B&B’s so popular. It is also here that many people believe that the ghosts of several inmates are still waiting for parole. Strange noises have been reported with no known cause. Several former visitors of the jail are said to have stayed.


Kahler Grand Hotel - Rochester, MN

In 1921, the Kahler Grand Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Rochester, was built and later renovated in 1994. Because it is connected to the Mayo Clinic complex, many of the visiting patients stay there. In 1977, Brach candy heiress Helen Voorhees Brach, 65, visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a checkup. The doctors found her to be in good health, she paid her bill, checked out of her room at the Kahler Grand Hotel, made some purchases at a gift shop, and then left. This was the last time that anybody had seen her. In 1984, Brach was declared to be legally dead. Still to this day, people report seeing Brach riding the elevators and vanishing before their eyes.


Glensheen Estate - Duluth, MN

The Congdon Estate is perhaps the most recognized home in Minnesota. The mansion is haunted by two women who were murdered in the home. In 1977, Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse, Velma Pietila were murdered in the home. Elisabeth’s daughter, Marjorie and her husband, Roger Caldwell were arrested on charges of murder. Several staff have seen ghostly shadows while working in the home. Visitors touring the mansion report getting an eerie feeling when viewing the area where the murders took place.

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