Paranormal investigator Chad Lewis demonstrated some of the equipment he and Terry Fisk used to investigate the recent UFO sighting on Zittel Road.

UFO investigators looking into UFO sighting along Hwy. 10

08/12/04 - The Courier-Wedge / Durand, Wisconsin

by Deb Claxton

A Mondovi family is still shaken after their recent encounter with a UFO which took place near Durand along Hwy. 10 on Friday, July 23rd.

After interviewing the family, nationally and locally known UFO investigators from Eau Claire, Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk, are saying it was a credible UFO sighting.

Lewis and Fisk host "The Unexplained" a live paranormal radio talk show that airs on WOLF 108 FM every Monday night from 10:00 p.m. until midnight.  They also present conferences throughout the state on the paranormal.  Lewis has visited paranormal sites in Nevada, New Mexico, Ireland, Michigan, an Scotland.

Lewis and Fisk are also investigating the recent appearance of crop circles near Chippewa Falls.

According to the UFO eyewitnesses, who wish to remain anonymous from fear of public ridicule, the following events happened:

A married couple and their two children, were returning to Mondovi from the Dairy Queen in Durand, at around 10:15 p.m. Friday night when they saw red lights moving around over a cornfield near Hwy. 10 on Zittel Road.

The mother jokingly called it a UFO and her husband pulled off the road to get a better look at the lights.

While they were parked, the whole family watched a large gray triangular shaped craft pass silently over their car.  They estimate that the UFO was about 300 feet above their car traveling at about 5 mph.  They watched until it disappeared behind the trees.  The father wanted to get a better look at the UFO so they returned to Mondovi so he could get his glasses, and then drove back to the corn field on Zittel Road.

The lights were still zooming around above the corn field.  At one point, two lights looked like they were going to crash into each other at a high rate of speed, similar to a head-on collision.  At the last second, they stopped and stayed next to each other.

This is a drawing of what the UFO looked like that was seen along Hwy. 10 between Durand and Mondovi Friday, July 23rd.  Paranormal investigators from Eau Claire are currently investigating the incident.

According [to] the mother, "That's when I knew this was something that wasn't of this earth.  There's no type of aircraft that we know of that can take off at that rate of speed and stop on a dime while in mid air."

While the family was watching the lights in the sky, the noticed an extremely bright light coming down the road behind them.  Since there was only one light, they thought it was a motorcycle with it's high beam on.  They pulled into the driveway of a farm house to let the motorcycle pass.  When it didn't pass, they thought maybe it was trying to turn into [the] driveway they were blocking, so they backed up and headed down the road towards the light.  When they got to the point where they should have passed the motorcycle, the light disappeared.  That's when the family really got scared and decided to return to their house as quickly as possible.

The couple emphasized that before this incident happened, they didn not believe in UFOs and thought the people who reported seeing them were crazy.  Now their beliefs have been shaken and the wife is afraid to drive at night.

"We would just like to know if anyone else in the area saw the same thing we did."

While searching UFO websites, the family kept coming across the names of Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk, so they decided to contact them.

"Chad and I interviewed the entire family.  They seemed sincere, and their versions of what happened were extremely consistent.  They took us out to the roads and showed us where the events took place.  I can't see that they would have anything to gain by making up a story since they wish to remain anonymous," Fisk said.

The two investigators used their equipment to investigate the sight [sic], which includes a Geiger counter, tri-field meter or EMF meter, night vision goggles, video cameras, and audio recorders.  They also spoke to the farmers who live along the road.  They discovered that one homeowner was working that night and the other family was at their cabin.  No one reported seeing any strange lights in the area.  Both farmers also confirmed that neither had been working in the fields with any equipment that had bright lights.

Lewis and Fisk want to warn farmers in the area about the possibility of finding crop circles in their fields or cattle mutilations, events which sometimes follow UFO sightings.

According to the Pepin County Sheriff's Department, they did not receive any calls about unusual lights or UFOs on July 23rd.  Buffalo County Sheriff's Department did not return our call.

Lewis and Fisk are interested in finding other people in the area who may have witnessed something unusual on July 23rd.  You can contact them at their website:  http://www.chadlewis.com/    

Sketch, based on an eyewitness description, of the apparent UFO seen last month between Mondovi and Durand.

Possible UFO sighting reported near Mondovi

08/12/04 - Mondovi Herald-News / Mondovi, Wisconsin

by Cindy Gibson

Two area UFO investigators are currently examining what they are labeling a credible UFO sighting by a Mondovi family that occurred on Hwy. 10 between Mondovi and Durand.

The witnesses, who wish to remain anonymous, were a husband and wife and their two teenage children -- ages 13 and 14.

Investigators Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk said, pending further investigations, they will not disclose the side roads where most of the activity took place.

Fisk explained that the first sighting occurred on Friday, July 23 between 10:15 and 10:30 p.m. as the family was driving on Hwy. 10 back from Durand to Mondovi.

They had noticed strange red lights in the sky over a field south of the highway.  They turned off on a side road to turn around and at that time witnessed a triangular-shaped craft that was about 300 feet above their car. It was black and gray with three white lights underneath.  It made no sound and was slowly moving at about 5 mph.

"It was really weird," said the mother, who initially joked with her husband that it was a UFO.  "I was afraid to get out . . . it was low, right over the car."

They watched it until it disappeared behind the trees.  The father wanted a better look at the object, so they drove home to Mondovi so he could get his glasses.

On their  way back, they could see the object on the north side of the road, but could only view it from the side, and it was low enough that the hills, not the sky, provided a backdrop for it.

They returned to the field where they had initially seen the strange lights in the sky and drove down another side road, on the south side of Hwy. 10, to get a closer look.

The lights were flying in strange formations, and at one point, the lights and objects appeared to be on a really fast collision course but stopped in midair and reversed their direction of movement, the mother stated.  "I know this sounds crazy."

As the family drove slowly down the road, watching the lights in the sky, they noticed a light directly behind their car and assumed that is [sic] was another car wanting to get by, so they pulled into a driveway to let the car by.

The light stopped and seemed to be waiting for them, so they assumed that maybe the car had actually wanted to turn into the driveway, so they pulled out of the driveway and proceeded to drive down the road toward the light.

They noticed that it was only one light, not two, so they figured it was a motorcycle, but just as they were about to meet it on the road, it completely vanished before their eyes.

The mother said one of the main reason [sic] they left and were compelled to call the investigators was the disappearing light that apparently followed them.  "It was like the twilight zone."

She said that the three areas that seemed so strange were that there was no noise coming from the craft, surprise that that the lights and craft didn't crash and how the light mysteriously disappeared behind them.  "I was hoping they (Lewis and Fisk) would see what we saw, and explain it to me."

The mother said she is an open-minded person, and an interest in UFOs has never crossed her mind before this.  However, she stressed, "absolutely know what I saw; I won't go back."

"I kept thinking my mind is playing tricks on m," she added.  The family members kept asking each other what they saw and "were all freaking out so bad."

The mother said she expected more cars would have been on the road and saw the lights as well.

The following night -- July 24th -- they returned to the road at about 11:00 p.m.  They slowly drove down the road when suddenly the light appeared before them.  They stopped the car, and the light waited.  They turned the car around and drove away from the light, but something seemed to be holding their car back, and they couldn't drive any faster than 40 mph.  Suddenly, the light began to chase them at a rapid speed.

Once they reached Hwy. 10 and the light was about to overtake them, it suddenly disappeared.

The father returned to the road the following day to test his car and found that he was able to easily accelerate to 70 mph on the same stretch of road where the day before his car could not move any faster than 40 mph.

Fisk said he and Lewis interviewed the entire family.  "They were quite terrified . . . seemed sincere, and their versions of what happened were extremely consistent.  They did take us out to the roads and showed us where the events took place.  Chad and I spoke with the people who lived on that road.  On the weekend in question, none of them were there.  One of them was working elsewhere at the time in question and the other was on vacation.  Neither had reported ever seeing any strange lights in the area.  Both confirmed that neither had been working in the fields with any field equipment that might have had lights," Fisk explained.

Visiting the area after dark, the investigators noticed that if the source of the light on the road had been a car, motorcycle, ATV, tractor or pedestrian with a flashlight, their headlights would have illuminated the area well enough for them to discern the source of the light, Fisk commented.

Lewis and Fisk are locally- and nationally- known UFO investigators from Eau Claire.  They host "The Unexplained," a live paranormal radio talk show that airs on WOLF 108 FM (WLFK-LP 107.9) every Monday night from 10:00 to midnight.

Lewis and Fisk are interested in finding others who may have witnessed something on the nights of July 23rd and 24th on either the north or south side of Hwy. 10, midway between Mondovi and Durand.  People can reach them by visiting their website at:  http://www.chadlewis.com/ or by emailing terry_fisk@yahoo.com or chadlewis44@hotmail.com.

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