Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - "Pulled Out of Bed"

Nov 96 "Pulled Out of Bed" AN4/CE4
Date of Encounter:
Early to Mid November, 1996
Place of Encounter: Witness Residence in Rural Eau Claire, WI
Classification: AN4 or CE4
Local Evaluation: Unexplained
Significance: Moderate to High

Sighting Account:

The witness was lying in bed, [CL Note: She sleeps on the Right side of the bed]. She was asleep when she was awakened by something touching her on the shoulder, [CL Note: She was not sure which shoulder, but thinks she was lying on her right side, the touch was probably on the left]. She indicates that she felt a presence on the right side of the bed, next to the wall. At that point, she felt something/someone grab her feet. She was instantly flipped over and landed on top of her husband. At that point she felt herself being pulled out of bed, in the direction of the foot of the bed.

She indicates that she tried to scream and kick, but was unable to. [CL Note: She indicates that she initially felt that she could, but subsequently, on trying, found she could not]. As she was being pulled toward the foot of the bed, she indicates that she dragged her arms behind her, across her husband's chest. At the point when she was 1/2 of the way out of the bed, her memory of the event ends.

The next thing she remembers is standing in the kitchen in her night gown. She remembers looking towards the East facing windows, which were "flipped out" - as if the windows were on hinges. [Note: the kitchen slide open, and do not hinge out. It is also notable that this was mid November, and was therefore cold outside] She felt that she had somehow come in through the window.

While standing in the kitchen, she observed a bright light outside, approximately above the house, slightly to the east. The light shown in the window, projecting onto the kitchen floor. [Note: She initially thought it was a yard light, but when she investigated on subsequent nights, she noted that the yard light does not project onto the floor, but onto the North wall of the kitchen].

She indicates that she felt "weird, but 'going back to bed now'...". She also indicates that she felt a hand, which she described as "comforting", on her shoulder [She felt at one point that this might have been the entity of a CE4 event in 1995, whom she referred to as "Marcus"]. This entity seemed to convey a "reassurance that its OK, go to sleep". At that point she went back to bed and fell asleep.


A short time later she awoke in fright, feeling very upset about what had happened. This event still frightens her. Also, roughly the day after the encounter, her shoulder [CL Note: not sure which one] felt sore. This continued for several [not sure how many] days after that.  In addition, the family discovered the ground traces in the back yard within a few days of this event.

Additional Witnesses:

None. Her husband was in bed, but did not respond to her attempts to awaken him. He has no memory of the event In addition, the house is very close to the highway, with no intervening trees to block the view. Thus any object positioned over the house might have been clearly visible from the highway.

Weather Conditions:

Unknown, since the exact date of the encounter is not known.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:

No known objective phenomenon would account for this experience.

Sighting Evaluation:

Classification: AN4 or CE4

Local Evaluation: Unexplained,

Significance: Moderate to High, due to the possibility that a CE4 occurred, the occurrence of possible ground traces from the event, and the willingness of the witness to pursue follow up investigation.

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