1999 - Menomonie, Wisconsin UFO Report

Forwarded from the Leader-Telegram: A rural Menomonie couple and a Dunn Sheriffs Deputy watched an object in the sky early Thursday Morning. The object was round, and was going in circles changing colors from red to blue. About 1/2 hour later a second object appeared and was triangular in shape.

As the couple was getting ready for work they spotted an object in the morning sky. It was going in circles, back and forth. It was also changing colors from red to blue to yellow. About a half-hour later, the man reported seeing a second object right over the city of Menomonie. It would glow bright yellow and then die down and get dim. During the dim period the man could see the outline of a triangle. The Pepin County Police Department reported that they thought the lights were the reflections from the planets being low in the sky. After getting input from Pepin County, the Dunn County Police Department agreed with this assessment. The couple who reported this incident claims that in no way could this sighting have been planets. As reported in the Thursday Edition of the Leader-Telegram--page 1A 09-16-99. This event happened near Elmwood Wisconsin.

(NUFORC Note: Following report submitted by Mr. Chad Lewis, State Director for Wisconsin for the Mutual UFO Network. Thank you, Chad!)


Postscript to Leader-Telegram article reporting strange object in sky witnessed by three people.

The paper did not report the whole story regarding the objects seen on 09/16/99 in Menomonie, WI. When the sheriff's officer responded to the call, he stayed and watched the object for approximately 10-15 minutes.

During this time he stated that he had never seen anything like this before. He was so intrigued that he left to try and find the location of this object. The witness reported the first object to be 1/4 of the way up the horizon. The object was reported in the SE sky. The weather conditions of the evening were clear with no fog in the area. The witness also reported that he has seen planets many times before and stated that this was unlike anything he had seen either.

The gentleman watched the object for nearly 40 minutes, until it seemed to just vanish. During this time it would change color form red to yellow to green at a very quick rate. He also reported that the object would shoot up into the air and fall back down at rapid speeds. The object also hovered over his farm area for several minutes at a time. When this witness called the sheriff again to report the second triangle object, also seen in the SE sky. The sheriff's office said they look into it and never contacted the witness again.

The witness watched the second object "hover" over his farm are for nearly 10 minutes. This second object was yellow and triangle shaped. This object also just seemed to vanish. Neither object made any sound that could be heard by any of the witnesses. There was also no smell associated with the objects. The witness was very surprised to read that the officer who only hours before stated this was the strangest thing he had ever seen, had now turned around and claimed it must have been a planet.

The sheriff's office have not returned any of my calls on this subject.

The witness reported to me that in the two days following his report covered by the Leader-Telegram he had received over 400 calls from people thanking him for coming forward with his case.  Although I was the only investigator to contact or speak with him, while I was there 2 days after the event the phone rang over 30 times. The witness was not even answering it anymore. 



Woman taking break from work sees a ball of light change color and then shoot off out of her sight

At 10:00 PM on Thursday September 16, 1999 a woman was taking a break from her work and looked up to the sky and noticed a ball of light rapidly changing color from blue to red to green. After watching this object for approximately 5-6 seconds, it “shot off” out of the woman’s sight. When asked the woman stated that it was not a "shooting star" as she has seen plenty of those before. She also stated that this object shot off very fast (she did not estimate the speed). The object was seen in the North Western sky. The witness stated that the object was very low (1/4 of the horizon) and had no sound to it. The woman came forward with this story several days after finding out that a local paper ran a story on a UFO being reported the same day as her sighting.


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