Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - "Marcus"

1995 "Marcus" AN3/CE4
Date of Event:
Sep, 1995 (exact date not known)
Location: Master bedroom of witness's house in rural Eau Claire, WI
Classification: AN3/CE3/CE4
Conclusion: Unexplained - pending further evaluation
Significance: Moderate to high in context of her other experiences.


The witness was awakened to see an entity, in the form of a human(oid) male floating to the right side of the foot of her bed. She indicated that when she saw the entity she knew that it was male, and that she knew who he was. She was told, in a nonverbal manner, that his name was "Marcus", and he was there for her. She felt that their relationship was, in some way, very close.

Note: Witness wasn't entirely comfortable with sketch, but felt that this was the best she could remember She did not have sufficient memory of the face to sketch it, but felt that it was "hairy" and "catlike".

She described the entity as being tall, and approximately human in appearance, but with a catlike face. She described his appearance as "a cross between Worf (on Star Trek) and the beast "Vincent" in the TV show Beauty and the Beast". He appeared to be dressed in a manner that suggested to her a military officer from an earlier time period, with an apparent breast plate arranged in a chevron design.

The entity held his hands out to her, palms up, and she instinctively knew to put her hands in his. She indicated that she then rose up, and he pulled her in closer to him. [CL Note: She indicates that she was under the covers when the entity appeared. If this was a physical movement, it is not clear how the bed covers were removed.]

At that point she felt that they were within a ball of light, and as if they were "dancing". She didn't remember any sound, and was not sure whether or not they were still within the room, but felt that there was not enough space within the room to have "danced" in the manner which they presently were. Thus, she feels that they must have been somewhere else while this interaction occurred. She indicates that this "dance" felt more like a "complete spiritual union", than physical motion to music (the traditional definition of dance). She did not feel that there was music present.

The interaction concluded, and she indicates that she knew that "Marcus" had to go. She felt that he had come to bring some form of "notification" to her about events to occur. [CL Note: It was not clear what the actual terminating event of the encounter was. If a dream, did she wake up, or transition to another dream? If not, then it is not clear when/how she was returned to bed? This was not clear in the witness's memory.]


This event appears to be the start of her consciously remembered experiences. She indicates that since that time, she has been very interested in spiritual topics, reading extensively in the area religion and spirituality, with subsequent interest in the field of UFOs and close encounters.

Additional Witnesses:

None. It is not clear whether or not her husband was present at the time of this event. However, it seems likely that he was.

Weather Conditions:

N/A - not sure of date, plus event was entirely in doors.

Conventional Phenomena Check:

I can not think of any objective natural or human made phenomena that would explain this encounter.


Classification: AN3/CE3/CE4

Conclusion: Unexplained - pending further evaluation

Significance: Moderate to high in context of her other experiences.

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