Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - "Laundry Room"

Nov 96 'Laundry Room' CE3/CE4
Date of Sighting:
Mid November, 1996
Time of sighting: Late at night, exact time unknown
Place of Sighting: Witness residence in rural Eau Claire, WI
Type of Sighting: CE1,CE3, Probable CE4
Local Evaluation: Unexplained
Significance: High, due to the probability that a CE4 took place

Sighting Account:

The witness awoke to go to the bathroom, sometime late at night. She was walking from the bedroom to the bathroom when she noticed bright lights and an associated large object just above the trees on the far side of the field, to the north of their house. [CL Note: the laundry room windows and back door afford a clear view to the north]. Incredulous, she went into the laundry room to get a better look. She indicates that she had difficulty believing her eyes, but concluded that it "had to be a ship". The object appeared to be "as big as a house", or approximately the size of a dinner plate at arm's length. She watched through the laundry room windows as it drifted slowly to the south, low over the farm field. [She indicated that although well lit, it did not appear to cast light on the field itself.]

As the object approached the farm house, she became very frightened. She indicates that she started to lock the doors and windows of the house, beginning with the laundry room windows, then the back door. She was running to the front to lock the kitchen door, but "it was too late, they were already there..."

When she reached the kitchen door, it was beginning to open. [She felt that the entities were probably on the porch]. She tried to force the door closed again, but felt a force pushing it open. She felt herself being pushed backwards, ending up behind the now-fully-open door.

As the door opened she observed a white mist or fog roll in. She also felt that at this point, there were lights in the front of the house which she assumed were associated with the "ship". She described them as "white, with some being blinking", but she was not, overall, sure of the colors. She indicates that she was too concerned about the door opening to notice much about the lights outside.

At the point where the door was fully open, she remembers entities being behind it. Looking around the door, she observed a hand reaching in from outside. She felt that this hand was long and skinny, and came in very low, at the level at which a small child's hand would be. At this point, she also remembers a nonverbal scolding which seemed something like: "you know better than to try to resist". She indicates that this message came in the form of thoughts, rather than words. At that point she remembers nothing more.


The next thing she remembers is awakening in her room. She feels that she didn't awaken immediately after the encounter, and that it was probably morning when she awoke. [CL Note: she did not remember whether or not the windows were locked, or the kitchen window was open]

Additional Witnesses:


Weather Conditions:

Unknown, since the exact date of the encounter is not known.

Additional Witnesses:

None are known. However, the house is within plain view of the highway. Thus, a large, well-lit object should have been plainly visible to passing motorists. Thus, the possibility exists that others may have seen this event in progress.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:

No known objective phenomenon would account for this experience.

Sighting Evaluation:

Type of Sighting: CE1,CE3, Probable CE4

Local Evaluation: Unexplained

Significance: High, due to the possibility that a CE4 took place, and the opportunities for follow up. In addition, due to the proximity of the event to the highway, the possibility exists that there may have been additional witnesses.

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