Wisconsin Street

Location:  Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin


The Reputed Phenomena:  

Portage - On Wisconsin St - At about 9:00 PM.  You can see a lady, about in the early 1900's, walking on the sidewalk with a stroller. But as you get closer, the image disappears.

The Investigation: 

Wisconsin Street is a very long stretch of road that is comprised of both commercial and residential housing structures.  It runs through the heart of the populated downtown to the countryside. 

We spoke with several downtown employees that work right on Wisconsin Street.  None of the employees from any of the stores had ever heard of the story.  In addition,  none of them had ever seen a woman matching the description of the one from the story.

We traveled  a long stretch of the road from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM and did not witness any woman pushing a stroller.

We do not have a specific description 1900’s style of the woman’s hair, clothes, height, race, description of the stroller  etc…

We also do not know where this woman was spotted, as it seems unlikely numerous people would not have seen her if she was spotted downtown or in the residential area. A woman  dressed in 1900’s garb along with a large 1900’s stroller would be hard to miss.  There are no sidewalks as you continue on Wisconsin Street towards the country, which eliminates that area.  (According to the story).

Having a specific time for the “woman” to appear is a sign that the story is local folklore.  Does she appear at 8:50, 9:10 , or only at 9 PM? This haunting is classified as unlikely, but possible.

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