The Subway Ghost

Location:  Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Items will fly off the shelves or fall to the floor on their own.
  • An extremely foul stench will permeate the building.
  • The beepers on the doors will constantly go off for no reason.
  • Employees reported that they have heard their names being called, but could not find the source.
  • A couple of employees have reported seeing an apparition of a woman who is skinny, about 50 years old, and wearing a dress, who stands by the cash register and gives them dirty looks.  Whenever they attempt to approach her, she disappears.
  • The Dare:  If you go into the basement after 9:00 p.m., things will fly off the shelves unto the floor.


The Investigation: 


The Subway Restaurant is located on the site that was formerly a Harley Davidson shop owned by Al Forbes from Cobb, Wisconsin.  He had inherited the real estate and business from his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Forbes, also of Cobb, who were both tragically killed in a head-on collision in the early 1980s.  The accident occurred at the creek bridge south of Arthur, Wisconsin on Hwy. 80.  A carload of teenagers driving over 100 mph crossed the center line and struck them head-on killing the passengers in both vehicles.  It is believed that the apparition of the woman seen in Subway is Mrs. Forbes.


The store has had strange things happen since about 2000.  The three employees we spoke with informed us that the haunting is not confined to the basement.  They reported that large stacks of cups would suddenly fall over, and employees would walk to get something and the sandwiches that they did not cut would be cut.  Many of the employees believed that the place was haunted and it was well known among the work staff.  We did not notice any paranormal activity during our investigation.  

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