Strum Cemetery

Location:  Strum, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

Correction:  Officially known as either "Emanuel Cemetery" or "St. Paul's Cemetery"  


The Reputed Phenomena: 

Haunting activity occurs late at night during the full moon.

  • Mysterious shadows move through the cemetery.
  • Strange sounds (e.g., voices, children crying , girls screaming)


The Investigation: 

The cemetery is located on the northern outskirts of Strum, and it's bordered by Highway 10 (West Balsam Street) on the north, County Road. D (5th Avenue North) on the west,  and Woodland Drive on the south.  In addition, Strum Lake is to the immediate south of Woodland Drive.  Kitty-cornered across Highway 10 is a convenience store that sells gasoline.

There are two street lights on Woodland Drive and one on County Road D.  The illumination from the street lights, the convenience store, and a full moon produce enough light to cast shadows in the cemetery at night which are enhanced by the numerous tall headstones and trees.  Walking through the cemetery can cause the illusion that the shadows are moving.  The headlights of the numerous cars on Highway 10 also produce moving shadows.

We also found several possible sources for the human-type sounds (i.e., voices, crying, and screaming).  There is a house that borders the cemetery on the east.  There is the convenience store across the highway.  We observed people riding bicycles down County Road D, even after dark.  There were people in a boat on Strum Lake who were nighfishing.  The downtown area, with taverns that would be open until late, was only a short distance away.

Our investigative team encountered nothing paranormal or unexplainable.

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