The Siren Bridge

Location:  Siren, Burnett County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  

During a Halloween blizzard, a family was driving home down County Road B when their car skidded off a bridge and overturned in a swampy stream.  The parents and their young daughter were trapped in the car and all drowned.


The Investigation:

The accident is confirmed to have happened as described.  Details are pending.


The Reputed Phenomena:  

People have reported that while driving over the bridge they have heard the ghostly voice of a little girl come over their car radio saying, "Help me, Mommy.  I can't get out!"



The Investigation: 

We have located two witnesses have reported this experience and interviewed one of them.  In both cases they were listening to their car radio as they approached the bridge, and as they drove over the bridge their radio cut out, and they could hear the voice of a little girl pleading, "Help me, Mommy.  I can't get out!"  Once they crossed over the bridge, their radio returned to its regular station.

Investigators who drove over the bridge with their radio on, did not encounter anything paranormal.

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