Captain Brady's Showboat Saloon

Location:  Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  

At one time there was a girl named "Molly" who lived above the saloon and has haunted the building ever since her death.


The Investigation:  

At this point in our investigation we have been unable to verify that there was a Molly who was a tenant in the upstairs apartment.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • The upstairs doors will open and close by themselves
  • When people are cooking in the upstairs kitchen, the ghost will play around with the appliances
  • Apparitions of people dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing have been seen in the mirrors in the saloon
  • Strange voices have been heard near the saloon stage
  • Cold spots in the cellar
  • Kegs of beer being moved around in the cellar
  • Feelings of nausea and sudden anxiety in the cellar
  • All of the haunting activity is benign and usually occurs after 3:00 a.m.
The Investigation:  

We spoke with a bartender who had worked in the saloon for the past two years, and he indicated that during that time he had never experienced anything unusual.  We also spoke with the previous owner, Michael Showalter, who confirmed the haunting activity.

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