Highlander's Sheeley House Photos


These images were all taken on August 15, 2003 with a Sony Digital Cyber Shot, 2.0 Mega Pixel at the Sheeley House in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

The first photo was taken on the first floor. There are at least two orbs between the bartender and a fellow co-worker who is seated on the other side of the bar.  A small orb is also seen floating next to the bartender's arm. That particular orb stands out the best. 

The second photo was taken on the second floor in a dining room.  Notice the multiple orbs. 

This last photo, I feel, is the "cream of the crop,"  Notice the two glowing objects, horizontal to one another, on the left side of the door.  

Ahh, now examine this enlargement of that portion of the photo, and what do you see?  My fiancée and I believe it to be a face staring right back at me!  There is a noticeable jaw line, possible nose, as well as a closed mouth. When we saw this photo and enlarged it, it sent chills up and down my spine!  We don't know who this could be, but I get the feeling that I definitely was not alone, and I was by myself . . . I think.

My thanks goes out to the folks at the Sheeley House for letting me post these pictures.

--The Highlander

Photos Courtesy of Roger Colby

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