SECURA Insurance Companies

Location: Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin

Correction:  Several web sites erroneously refer to it as the "Secura Insurance Company" (singular and without SECURA in all caps).


The Reputed History:  

About 150 years ago, workers had installed pipes in the pond to filter the water.  A family was having a picnic near the pond and their young daughter accidentally fell into the water and drowned when she got stuck in one of the pipes.  Years later the SECURA Insurance Companies building was built on the site.


The Investigation:  

According to Sandy Wight, Director of Marketing Services at SECURA Insurance Companies and author of their 100-year history book, MILESTONES & Memories, SECURA was founded on March 1, 1900 in Seymour, Wisconsin.  In 1961 they acquired the 23-acre site in Appleton where their corporate headquarters are now located.  The building was constructed in 1962, and in 1963 they moved in.

Ms. Wight emphasized that there is no evidence that a young child or anybody else drowned in SECURA's pond, and to the best of her knowledge there never was a pond on the property prior to 1962.


The Reputed Phenomena:  

The pond is still located behind the SECURA Insurance Companies building, and people have reported that on certain nights they can hear the cries of the little girl and the sounds of her parent's frantic screams.


The Investigation: 

There is no foundation to the rumors.

Sandy Wight informs us that the pond on the property did not exist 150 years ago.  It was dug in 1962 when they constructed the corporate headquarters.  She even has a photograph from that year that shows the newly dug pond before it was filled with water.

Long-time employees of SECURA are not familiar with any accounts, first-hand or otherwise, of anybody hearing any ghostly voices emanating from the area near the pond.

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