Molly's Rock

Location:  Rhinelander, Oneida County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:

A ghost named "Molly" haunts the huge rock on Pine Lake Road, outside of Rhinelander.


The Investigation:  

We did locate and confirm the existence of Molly's Rock.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • A glowing halo has been observed above the rock.
  • The Dare:  If somebody sits atop the rock while intoxicated, Molly will let out a scream, demand that the person "get off my rock," and then violently shove them off.


The Investigation: 
  • We did observe that sunlight reflecting off the top of the rock does tend to produce a faint glow.
  • Although we weren't intoxicated, we did sit upon the rock and experienced nothing paranormal.
  • Since our visit, we have subsequently received reports that the local townspeople have demolished the rock.  Apparently all that remains is a heap of rubble, and people have been taking remnants of Molly's Rock as souvenirs.

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