Luther Hospital

Location: Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin
Address: Luther Midelfort, 1221 Whipple Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703-5200


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Hospital employees have seen apparitions in the old morgue of a nurse singing lullabies to a sleeping baby cradled in her arms. 
  • Employees report having the feeling of being watched when in the old morgue.
  • Cold spots have been reported in the old morgue.
  • The hospital is also haunted by a mischievous ghost named Carl, a former patient who passed away in the hospital, who likes to knock things down and tamper with the beds.  Employees know he's around when things fall off the counters by themselves or when the beds lower and raise by themselves.


The Investigation:  

Luther Hospital was founded by a group of Norwegian Lutheran clergymen and opened its doors in 1905. The hospital served 195 patients during its first year. A Norwegian immigrant named Dr. Hans Christian Midelfart, along with five of his colleagues, opened the Midelfart Clinic in downtown Eau Claire in 1927.  Due to space limitations, 18 physicians moved to a new building on West Clairemont Avenue in 1969.  The Clinic also changed its name to Midelfort Clinic.  In 1995, Midelfort opened a five-floor medical office building that was attached to Luther Hospital.  Today the Midelfort Clinic is one of the largest multi-specialty groups in Wisconsin

What used to be the old morgue is located in a secluded part of the basement in the oldest section of the hospital.  Currently it is used as a storage area and access is restricted to a select few.

We have been in contact with an employee who related to us a story about a security guard  who was hired by the hospital and suddenly quit after working for only one week.  During a routine inspection of the fire extinguishers in the old morgue, the security guard had observed the phantom nurse carrying a baby as she strolled between two rows of shelves.  He immediately walked off the job and never returned.  If anybody knows the identity and/or whereabouts of this security guard, please contact us, as we would be interested in interviewing him.

Our contact also reported recently hearing a ghostly female voice ask "hello?" as if inquiring as to who's there.  The employee responded to the voice, but quickly discovered nobody was present.  Apparently several of the employees have had similar strange experiences and have noticed an uneasy feeling of some type of ghostly presence in the hospital.

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