Lawrence Cemetery

Location:  Lawrence, Brown County, Wisconsin


  • The correct names are "Lawrence Cemetery" or "Cady Cemetery," not "St. Lawrence Cemetery" as some sources list it.

  • The cemetery is located in Lawrence, not West De Pere as some ghost web sites erroneously claim.


The Reputed Phenomena: 
  • Strange sounds (e.g., growling)
  • Mysterious fog
  • Orbs and other unexplained lights
  • Feelings of trepidation


The Investigation: 

We have a first-hand account of  three people who visited the cemetery at 6:00 p.m. one evening.  They noticed a light in the window of the cemetery storage shed.  The light was on for about 90 seconds, went off for about 5 minutes, was on again for about 30 seconds, then went off and remained off.  There was no groundskeeper there at the time.

As they departed from the cemetery, the three visitors reported that they sensed a strange negative energy or presence and had the feeling of not being welcome.  They felt that they were being spiritually attacked, and reported feeling "numbness, partial convulsion symptoms, tension, butterflies in the stomach, weakness, internal organs hurting, migraine headaches, pain in the neck/whiplash, partial paralysis of the left side of the body, and slight nausea" which lasted for about one to two hours.

During our investigation at the cemetery, we experienced nothing out of the ordinary.

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