JTC Dorm

Location:  Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin

The Reputed History:

Several suicides have occurred in this hall.


The Investigation:  

JTC is a series of connected University of Wisconsin-Stout dorm buildings named Jeter, Tainter, and Callahan. Built in the mid 1950s, this building is the oldest existing residence hall on the Stout Campus. The campus reports that due to the age of the building, JTC has experienced several complications with the electrical and water systems. However, the University is planning to tear down JTC and create a new series of one-person dorm rooms on the same land.

There have been several suicides that have taken place in the building over the years.


The Reputed Phenomena:  

Often maintenance workers would report strange noises during the summer when no students were present. These noises included hearing footsteps of people when no one was around and the sound of students “talking” in empty rooms. They also reported that they would find doors that had locked, were suddenly unlocked, and vise versa. The maintenance workers also reported windows that were open were somehow closed (and visa versa) when they later checked the room. One female student reported that when she entered the downstairs TV room in Tainter, the TV began to turn on and off and a piece of furniture slid across the room and hit her.  The official explanation of the sliding furniture from the RA was that the dorms were not level when they were constructed, so the piece of furniture slid down the slope. Most activity seems to take place in the basement of Tainter. Kitchen staff have reported objects being moved and hidden and there have been several electrical anomalies with the radio.


The Investigation:  

We were able to interview many of the maintenance staff and several students who had first-hand stories to tell. We also brought in a ghost researcher (A.C) who claimed to be an intuitive. This person believed that the spirits there meant no harm to the current occupants. Our investigation did pick up several electrical and temperature anomalies in the basement of Tainter, however this was most likely attributed to the aforementioned complications with the building. No other evidence was recorded. 

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