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Church in Kellnersville, Wisconsin

Enlargement from first photo.

Pond in Maribel, Wisconsin

These two photos were taken by me on the same day. The 1st is of the inside of a church located in Kellnersville, WI. at a funeral of a well respected person, as well as a friend of many, seeking a true path. His name was Casey Holt, Paranormal Investigator for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He was lost at the age of 39, on Dec. 24th, 2002, in an accidental drowning while ice skating out to the middle of a pond to record temperatures of the water at different depths, in Maribel, WI.

The 1st pic is of a bright white orb, floating toward the ceiling on the upper left hand side of the pic, (Casey perhaps?). The 2nd (below, along with enlargement of orb) is of a 'mist' that was taken later that day, at the site where our friend was lost. (Keep in mind that it was too cold and windy out that day for the mist to be anyone's breath).

Both pics were taken with a Sony Cybershot digital camera, and are unmodified, from camera to PC. There was no sign of the orb or the mist in the LCD screen of the camera before the flash went off. I would like to thank Casey's family for their permission to use these photos to demonstrate that, "If Ye Seek, Ye Shall Find", and that, "No Mystery Is Closed To An Open Mind."

Fellow Truth Seeker,
-Roger Colby-. =)

These photos were also posted on the Coast to Coast web site.


Photos Courtesy of Roger Colby

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