Haunted Upstairs

Location:  Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  

The upstairs is rumored to be haunted.


The Investigation:  

Investigators have spent the night there.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Strange sounds (e.g., growling, voices) can be heard on a voice-activated tape recorder that was left upstairs.
  • People get eerie feelings from being upstairs.
  • Scratching sounds can be heard on the outside of the house.


The Investigation:  
  • The house is next to a busy highway, and we discovered a loose window pane that makes a rattling noise whenever large trucks drive by.
  • We encountered house flies that did set off our motion detectors and be captured on videotape.
  • Railroad tracks are just across the road from the house, and trains are passing by constantly.  The trains were loud enough to set off the voice-activated tape recorder and could account for a lot of the rattling sounds in the house.
  • The owners had several outdoor dogs.  There is the possibility that the recorder could pick up their growls.
  • Investigators did not experience, witness, or record anything out of the ordinary.

Instrument Findings:

  • EMF Meter:  Normal
  • IR Thermal Probe:  Normal
  • Photographic:  Normal


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