Ferrante's Grafton

Location: Grafton, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin


The Reputed Phenomena: 
  • People hear footsteps following them in the basement
  • Music has been heard playing upstairs when nobody was there
  • Cabinets open and close by themselves
  • Ghostly figures have been seen in the basement.

The Investigation: 

Ferrantes Grafton is an Italian-American restaurant located in the Historical Grafton Hotel in downtown Grafton. The Grafton Hotel has not been a working hotel for over 30 years. The guestrooms have been converted into private banquet rooms. 

The manager confirmed that strange things happen in the building.  Although they did believe the hotel/restaurant was haunted, they did not mind coexisting with what they considered to be friendly spirits.

The employees testified that recently they had a crucifix fall off the wall for no explainable reason.

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