Smurfit-Stone Paper Mill


Location:    Panama City, Bay County, Florida

Address:  1 South Everitt Avenue, Panama City, FL  32401-6900

Phone:  (850) 785-4311

Website:  www.smurfit.com


The Ghost Lore:  There is an urban legend of a young girl who was killed by an axe murderer.  Her invisible ghost sometimes swings on a nearby swing set.  If you park your car in the vicinity where she was killed, your car will stall, the electric windows will go up and down, and the radio will turn on by itself.  Some have seen the bloody apparition of the girl climb upon the hood of their car and spell out the word "help" on the windshield with her bloody finger.  Others claim to have seen an apparition of the killer walking down the street wielding his bloody axe.

For other ghostly places to visit, see The Florida Road Guide to Haunted Locations for details.

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