Holy Cross

Location:  Fifield, Price County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  
  • A woman was killed by a train at the railroad crossing on Holy Cross Road and haunts the area.
  • Back in the 1900s there used to be a town here named Coolidge, but all the townspeople mysteriously disappeared.
The Investigation:  
  • We were unable to confirm that a woman died on the road or railroad tracks. 
  • Investigation is pending concerning the town of Coolidge.
The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • An apparition of a woman is said to be seen over the water. She has also been seen near the railroad tracks where it is said that she died. Her spirit is said to be protecting others from her fate.
  • Gnomes have been spotted on the railroad tracks.  When people throw rocks at the gnomes, they throw the rocks right back.
  • Ghost children have been seen playing out in the field.
  • Cold spots have been experienced.  Even on 90 degree days.
  • Mysterious lights have been observed moving through the nearby woods.



The Investigation:  

Holy Cross is the road that turns off of Highway 13 between Phillips and Fifield. The water is a small pond near actual railroad tracks. No woman was spotted during our investigation. We did speak with a young kid from the area who stated that many area teenagers would go stand on the tracks and feel “energy” rushing through them. 

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