The Elk Mound Tower

Location:  Elk Mound, Dunn County, Wisconsin


  • The town is incorrectly spelled as one word, "Elkmound," on several web sites.
  • Several web sites incorrectly refer to it as "the over-look tower."  The proper name is the "Elk Mound Tower."


The Reputed History:  
  • A dragon is buried under the mound.
  • In the 1980's somebody died there and to this day their spirit haunts the tower.


The Investigation:  

  • There is no evidence that a dragon is buried under the mound.
  • There is no evidence that anybody died near or at the tower.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • People have heard sounds such as screaming, howling, and laughing.
  • People have become nauseated after visiting the tower.
  • Strange mists have been observed.
  • From the road, people have witnessed strange lights in and around the tower.
  • Strange things have happened there.
  • Because of the strange events, authorities blocked off the driveway to the tower and restricted the visitation hours.
The Investigation:  
  • The tower overlooks the town of Elk Mound, including the school, which could be the source of the sounds.
  • The nausea could be a symptom of vertigo caused by the height of the mound and tower.
  • No strange mists or lights were observed during our investigation.

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