Spiritland Cemetery

Location:   Almond, Portage County, Wisconsin

Correction:   Erroneously believed to be in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

AKA:  Sometimes spelled as "Spirit Land" (two words). 


The Reputed History:  
  • This is the cemetery where Ed Gein was buried.
  • Gein robbed graves in this cemetery.


The Investigation: 

  • Ed Gein was not buried here.  He was buried in the Plainfield Cemetery in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

  • This cemetery was, however, the site of at least one grave robbery by Gein.

The Reputed Phenomena:  

The cemetery is rumored to be haunted.  It is believed that Ed Gein's nighttime frolicking and grave robbing has disturbed the dead there.


The Investigation:  

The cemetery has a definite Halloween atmosphere to it.  Even the name seems appropriate.  We are searching for anybody who has had a firsthand paranormal experience there.

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