Dungeon of Horrors

Location:  Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  
  • The building used to be a Ford garage.  The owner committed suicide there by shooting himself.
  • The Ford garage had gas pumps in front, and somebody accidentally blew himself up while putting gas in his motorcycle
  • There used to be a mortuary next door that may have originally been part of the same building.
  • There was an alcoholic artist who died in an apartment next door several years ago.


The Investigation: 

We spoke with the owner, Bill Nehring, who confirmed that in the late 1950s or early 1960s the owner of the Ford garage killed himself one morning with a shotgun just as the employees were coming in the front door


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Employees have seen an apparition of older man with glasses who disappears
  • An apparition carrying an axe has been seen following people
  • Cold spots
  • Glowing orbs
  • A partial hand has been observed to materialize then disappear
  • People have felt breathing on their shoulder when nobody was there
  • People have been grabbed by invisible hands and hit with invisible objects
  • On one occasion the owner felt something on his should and could hear static or crackling in his ear.  The employees saw a glowing, orange apparition.  One employee shouted, "There it is!"  At that moment the entity moved off and dissipated, and the static sound ended.
The Investigation:  

Mr. Nehring confirmed that the haunting activity has been going on for some time and that he has had a difficult time keeping employees because of this activity.  According to him, the activity seems to peak during the month of August every year; also during rainy, overcast days.  He estimates that over the past 24 years that he has owned the place about 80% of his employees have had some kind of paranormal experience.

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