Devils Punch Bowl

Location:  Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Collected water will mysteriously retain its clarity
  • Collected water will mysteriously retain its cold temperature
  • Gnome sighting
  • Orb of light
The Investigation: 
  • A witness claims to have spotted a gnome running up the side of the rock bank then bolting through the tunnel.
  • Witnesses claim to have seen a glowing orb of light in the parking lot that entered and passed through their automobile.
  • One person reports that water collected from here "will retain its clarity (I have a sample that is 5 years old) and does not become cloudy even though the presence of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria is highly present in the collected water at the base and it flows over fungi, moss, and bacteria growth."
  • She also reports that "during a certain time of the year when the water is collected, the water does remain ice cold. Found this when I had collected the first sample and left it in a clear bottle in my backseat during a day of mid 90 degree temperature for 8 hours while I drove back home."


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