Charlotte Mills Bridge

Location:  Christie, Clark County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:

About a hundred years ago, in the town of Christie, Wisconsin, a woman named Charlotte Mills took her life near the bridge crossing the Black River, and her ghost haunts the bridge.


The Investigation:

Charlotte A. Raymond was born in Manlius, New York, in 1840.  When she was aged three, her parents, Luther Raymond and Julia Ann Loomis, moved the family to Wisconsin, locating in the vicinity of Waukesha. Two years later they removed to Fond du Lac County, securing a tract of wild land, from which Luther developed a farm. Years later, Charlotte married a Mr. Ransom and they had two sons:  Fay (b. 1859) and Benjamin (b. 1862).  After her husband died, she married Calvin John Mills in 1866.  Four years later they moved to Christie, Wisconsin and this marriage produced a third son, Claude Lee Mills, in 1877.

In 1883 her father Luther died.

In the spring of 1899, her son Fay bade his parents farewell and moved away from Wisconsin, traveling to South Dakota, Montana, California, and finally to Alaska in search of gold.  Then one day Charlotte received the sad news that her son had drowned near Labarge, Alaska on October 12th, 1901 on the steamer Goddard ten miles from shore during a gale.

One year later, she received more sad news.  Her second son Benjamin had died on October 2nd, 1902 in Mackay, Idaho.

In 1905 her husband John Calvin Mills died very suddenly of heart failure while at their home at Christie.  After his death, Charlotte fell into a severe depression and expressed to her son Claude her feelings that her life was pointless, full of misfortune, and not worth living.  

On October 4, 1907, Charlotte, who was probably dwelling on thoughts about her two sons who had died during the month of October, told her son Claude that she was going to visit one of her friends.  Because she would often spend the night at the friend's house, it was not unexpected when she did not return that evening.  However, after she was gone for two days, Claude became concerned and went to look for her.  When she was not found at the neighbor's house, Claude searched near the Black River finding her footprints, then her shawl, and finally her body floating in shallow water near the shore.  Later he found that before going to her death, his mother had carefully laid out on her bed the clothes that she wanted to be buried in.


The Reputed Phenomena:

The ghost of Charlotte Mills has appeared on the bridge.


The Investigation:  
  • In the months following Charlotte's death, as many as eight farmers reported seeing what they believed to be a ghost at the bridge over the Black River. 
  • Nothing paranormal was observed by investigators.

Instrument Findings:

  • EMF Meter:  Normal
  • IR Thermal Probe:  Normal
  • Photographic:  Normal

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