Founder's Cemetery Park

Location:  Cedarburg, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

AKA:  "Founder's Park" or "First Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery"


The Reputed History: 

There is a monument stone that contains the names of the people buried here.  All that remains of their original headstones are small rocks.


The Investigation: 

The cemetery was established in 1843 and the early Cedarburg pioneers are buried here.  The last burial was in 1869.  The plaque on the stone near the fence reads:

Founder's Park.

Here "the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep." --Gray

The land was dedicated for use as a cemetery by the Trinity Lutheran Church in 1844.  Due to the rocky nature of the land, burial here was discontinued in 1898.  The Cedarburg Common Council in 1966 voted to purchase this historic resting place.


The Reputed Phenomena: 
  • Strong, negative feelings.
  • Sensing a supernatural presence.
  • Numerous cold spots even on a warm sunny day.
  • There are always two crows in the park.


The Investigation: 
  • We experienced no unusual feelings.  
  • The park is heavily wooded and shaded, so cold spots are not unexpected.
  • No crows were observed.


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