The Phantom Cars of Caryville Road

Location:  Caryville, Dunn County, Wisconsin

Correction:  The proper name of the road is "240th Avenue."


The Reputed History:  
  • Several years ago a young girl driving home from prom was killed when her red car veered off the bridge.
  • Another version of the story is that it was a beautiful prom queen named "Jenny" who lost her life on the bridge. On prom night twenty years ago, Jenny was driving home after a night of partying. She was drunk, and lost control of her pickup truck resulting in a fatal accident. 
The Investigation:  
  • According to longtime residents, nobody, least of all a prom queen, was ever killed in a car accident at the bridge.
The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Headlights, taillights, and inside lights will sometimes fail to function on your car.
  • The interior of your car will become ice cold, no matter how high you turn up the heat.
  • The old red car (in other versions it is a pickup truck) of the girl killed on prom night can be seen still driving the road.
  • An odometer check from county road H to the bridge reveals a time/space warp.  The distance from the bridge to H is longer than the distance measured from H to the bridge.
  • The headlights of phantom cars will appear and disappear on the road nearby.
  • Phantom cars will chase you or play chicken with you as you drive down the road.
  • The Dare:  It is said that if you look into the water while going over the bridge, you might catch a glimpse of her headlights shining through the dark churning water.
The Investigation:  
  • An odometer check revealed that the distance to and from the bridge is 1.9 miles both ways.
  • No phantom cars or headlights were observed.
  • No headlights were observed in the water near the bridge.

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