Caddy Woodlawn Park

Location:  Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  

The ghost of Caddie's sister Mary haunts the house.


The Investigation:  

The following information is from the historical marker erected in the park in 1970:

On this site during the Civil War Caroline Augusta Woodhouse, known throughout the world as "Caddie Woodlawn," experienced the excitement of growing up in pioneer Wisconsin.  Her tomboy adventures with her two red-headed brothers, and her fearless trust in the Indians who lived nearby, were faithfully recorded by her granddaughter, Carol Ryrie Brink, in her book, Caddie Woodlawn, and in the sequel, Magical Melons [renamed Caddie Woodlawn's Family].

In 1935 Caddie Woodlawn received the coveted Newberry Award Medal as "The most distinguished children's book of the year."  It has since become a classic, read by thousands of children throughout the nation, and translated into more than 10 foreign languages.

Somewhere within the present park area, Mary, one of the eight children of the John V. Woodhouse family, is buried in an unmarked grave.

Nearby stands the Woodhouse home which was moved in 1970 from the original site about 300 yards to the east.

In January, 1940, "Caddie" died in Idaho at the age of 86.


The Reputed Phenomena:  

Sightings of the ghost of a young girl.


The Investigation: 


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