Boy Scout Lane

Location:   Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin

Corrections:  Erroneously spelled as "Boyscouts Lane" on some websites.


The Reputed History:  

The road got it's name because of a tragic event that occurred here.

  • One version is that a troop of Boy Scouts on a camping trip were murdered by their bus driver on this isolated road.
  • Another version of the story is that a Boy Scout troop mysteriously disappeared on this road and was never seen again.
  • A third story is that a troop of Boy Scouts were camping here and some of them were wandering around at night and accidentally dropped a lantern resulting in a fire that killed the rest of the troop.


The Investigation: 

There is no evidence of missing persons or a mass murder or a tragic fire.  The road got it's name because at one time the Boy Scouts owned the land there and had intentions of building a Boy Scout camp.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • The road is rumored to be haunted.
  • After dark a swinging light, that appears to be a lantern carried by somebody, has been seen on the road.  Supposedly the light is carried by the ghosts of Boy Scouts who are searching for their troop that they accidentally killed in a fire.


The Investigation:  

We did speak with one individual who provided a firsthand account of having seen the moving light on the road.

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