Bloody Bride Bridge

Location:   Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History: 

A young bride was killed on her wedding night  in an auto accident on "Bloody Bride Road." 


The Investigation: 

"Bloody Bride Road" is actually Highway 66.  Nobody at the Stevens Point Police Department has any recollection of a bride ever having been killed on this road.


The Reputed Phenomena: 

While driving down this road, a police officer witnessed an apparition of the young bride standing in the middle of the road.  Unable to stop in time, his vehicle struck the figure.  He stopped his car and looked back to see if her body was still laying on the road and was startled to find the Bloody Bride sitting in the backseat of his squad car.

Dare #1:  If you drive down Highway 66, you will see the Bloody Bride standing on the side of the road, still wearing her wedding gown.

Dare #2:  If you park your car on the Bloody Bride Bridge after midnight and look in your rearview mirror, you will see both the groom and the Bloody Bride sitting in the backseat of your car.


The Investigation:  

According to Stevens Point Police Department, this incident with the police officer never happened.

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