Banbury Place

Location:  Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin


The Reputed History:  
  • Banbury Place consists of a labyrinth of 13 old buildings that used to be a rubber factory.
  • In building number 13, an electrician was accidentally electrocuted while working after hours on an air-conditioning unit.  His charred body wasn't discovered until the following week.
  • There was a major fire in one of the buildings resulting in a fatality.
  • Building number 4 is chained shut with a huge metal chain, and the interior is overrun with rats.
  • There is a maze of underground tunnels that connect the buildings.  Occasionally homeless people will utilize them as a makeshift domicile.
  • One of the buildings used to be a shoe factory.  For some unknown reason it was shut down in mid-production and the equipment and materials were abandoned.  Partially assembled shoes, pieces of rubber, and open bottles of glue are still sitting there as if the workers just suddenly evacuated the building in the middle of production.  One rumor is that the company moved to Chippewa Falls and is now the Red Wing shoe company.


The Investigation:  
  • Banbury Place used to be the Uniroyal plant where they manufactured tires.
  • Apparently it was a tenant who died of an accidental electrocution while growing marijuana plants.  Further information is pending.
  • We have found no evidence of a major fire resulting in a fatality.
  • We are not aware of a Red Wing shoe factory in Chippewa Falls, but there is a Mason Shoes factory there.  Apparently there never was a shoe factory in Banbury Place.


The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Every since the person was killed in building 13, people have heard strange sounds such as moans, screams, and the hum of an old air conditioning unit.  This building is alleged to be the scariest.
  • In building 4, people have sensed a eerie presence.
  • People have reported seeing strange figures and shadows down in the tunnels.
The Investigation:  


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