Amery Lutheran Church

Location:  Amery, Polk County, Wisconsin

Correction:  The official name is "East Immanuel Lutheran Church"

The Reputed History:

A phantom congregation from long ago haunts this simple country church and holds their own services late at night.


The Investigation:  

This old Norwegian church dates from 1870.  Obviously, over the years many parishioners have passed on.

The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Hushed voices and whispers have heard coming from inside the walls of the building.
  • Quiet voices can be heard coming from the wooden pews.
  • Parishioners have heard the sounds of a congregation laughing and talking in the sanctuary which was found to be empty.
  • They have also heard the sounds of a congregation having a potluck dinner in the basement which was empty.
  • In 1981, the bell of the church began ringing on it's own when no one is in the building. The first person to realize this startling event was the church's pastor, the Reverend Elizabeth Robinson. She heard the bell ringing while she was in the church's parsonage across the street. She investigated and thoroughly searched the building, finding no one inside.  Since then, the bell has rung quite frequently on it's own.
The Investigation:  

I did have the opportunity to spend the night in the church basement, but experienced nothing out of the ordinary.  Parishioners and the minister seem firmly convinced of the haunting activity.

Instrument Findings:

  • EMF Meter:  Normal
  • IR Thermal Probe:  Normal
  • Photographic:  Normal


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