The Allen Cameron House

Location:  Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Address:  620 5th Avenue, Eau Claire, WI  54703-5790.


The Reputed History:

This house was once owned by the logging baron Allen D. Cameron who later died in the house and haunts it. 

The Investigation:  

Allen D. Cameron (b. January 22, 1842), a prominent lumber baron from Canada, built the house at a cost over $10,000 in 1884.  On September 26, 1907, he died of heat stroke in the upstairs bedroom. His funeral was held in the area of the downstairs bedroom (in the southeast corner of the house), which was once the parlor. This is the room where most of the haunting activity occurs.

Allen Cameron is buried in the Lakeview Cemetery in Eau Claire.


The Reputed Phenomena: 
  • Strange sounds.
  • Misplaced objects.
  • Doors opening and closing on their own.
  • Cold drafts of air.
  • Strange flashes of light.
  • Exploding dishes.
  • Shaking beds.


The Investigation:  

We spoke with the current tenants of the house.  One reported having a problem with objects becoming misplaced.  The other tenant slept in the bedroom where Cameron's funeral was held, and she reported that on two occasions she refused to sleep in the room because she had been awakened when her bed began to shake violently.


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