The Wonder Spot

Location: Lake Delton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

    Open Seven Days A Week
    Memorial Day - Labor Day
    9 am - 9 pm
    Rain or Shine

Directions: Take Hwy. 12 S and turn at Fischer's Supper Club. The Wonder Spot is nestled in the woods about 1/2 block off Hwy. 12 and offers plenty of parking.

    Wonder Spot
    Hwy. 12 P.O. Box 462
    Lake Delton, WI 53950

Website: http://www.explorewisconsin.com/wonderspot/

Phone Number: (608) 254-4224

Price Range:
    Adult: $4.50
    Child: $2.50 (Ages 6-11)
    Free: 5 and Under

The Reputed History:  

"Accidentally" discovered on June 16, 1948, it is an area approximately 50 feet in diameter in which the laws of gravity seem to be repealed.  There is a cabin on this site that "accidentally" slid down the hillside, and this is where visitors can experience this wonder.

Supposedly a geologist from the University of Wisconsin determined that the high concentration of igneous rock on the other side of the hill was the cause of the gravitational anomalies.

The Investigation: 

A concentration of igneous rock would not cause gravitational anomalies.

From the construction it is obvious that the cabin was deliberately built on a slant on a steep hill.

The Reputed Phenomena:  
  • Water flows uphill
  • Balls roll up an incline
  • Pendulums hang crookedly
  • Chairs balance on only two legs
  • People are unable to stand erect or to walk straight
The Investigation: 

The cabin was intentionally constructed as a Wisconsin Dells tourist attraction, and the effects can be easily explained as optical illusions produced by the tilted design of the structure.  Although it's a fun place to visit and experience, there is nothing paranormal or unexplained here.

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